Metabolic Cookbook Review

When it comes to dieting for weight loss,people are often very skeptical as they don’t understand what their body really needs. A lot of diets on the market are plans that you cannot keep to over the long run meaning you often put the weight you lost on faster after the diet is over. Many claimed fat loss diets often cut out a lot of foods that your needs to maintain good nutrition levels. It is very important when trying a fat loss program to ensure it is maintainable and provides your body with excellent nutrition all week round.

The Metabolic cooking cookbook is a famous fat loss program designed by Dave Ruel and Karine Losier .Karine and Dave are both Professional Fitness Coaches and nutritionists.

Dave Ruel is an expert bodybuilder and a full-time fitness coach and nutritionist.He has helped thousands of people to succeed in reducing their weight and building the lean muscles they want.

Karine‚ co-author of Metabolic Cooking is also known as the ‘Lean Kitchen Queen’ and has a strong passion for food‚fitness‚ and culinary adventures.

The Metabolic Cooking  offers people complaining of excessive body fat a chance to understand the right foods that aid in melting their weight rapidly and naturally . This program will teach you to prepare tasty recipes as if a Nutritionist is standing by your side,and you will learn how to plan your simple shopping cheap list and how to get fit while enjoying it.

You will also benefit from more than forty seven weight loss smoothie recipes to jump start your day with energy and reduce your cravings for sugary more effectively.

Who is this program destined for?

This program is designed for people who want to burn calories and gain muscle strength while cooking delicious recipes. You’ll immediately stop starving yourself for the sake of getting a lean body.

The Metabolic Cookbook is about giving you simple methods that anyone can implement; the results are fast, taste great, and most importantly make your body healthier and stronger.

What does Metabolic Cooking contain?

1. The complete Metabolic Cooking recipes 9 Sets – Here you get over 236 fat torching recipes for breakfast, side dishes, meat, fish, snacks, vegetarian, smoothies, chicken, etc. You will find many tasty dishes that you will love. These recipes have been featured as easy to cook and delicious.

2. Fat Loss Optimizer Guide – This is a nutrition guide in which Dave and Karine teach you the right way to eat, what you need to avoid, how to save money on healthy food, how to create metabolic boosting meal plans, their 10 rules of Metabolic Cooking, etc.

3. Metabolic Salad Builder – A guide that shows you how to create metabolism boosting salad dressings. Often, dressings can make you fat. Now you can see how they can help you to burn fat.

4. Thermo-charged seasoning guide – If you want to turn a dish into a metabolic boosting bombshell, the right spices are your best friends. This guide will show you how to create the right seasoning for the ultimate metabolism boosting dish. 5. Supplements Optimizer Guide – If you want to stop wasting money on useless supplements, this guide is a must. Here you will learn what works and what doesn’t for your health and your waistline.

6. Quick Sheets – To help you get started quickly, you can use these sheets. They will show you how to quickly set up your dishes, how to shop with a low level of hassle, etc. This makes things very simple

What are some ingredients included in the Metabolic Cookbook?

Cinnamon: Studies have shown that including cinnamon and cinnamon extract in the diet may help type 2 diabetics to control blood glucose levels.

Stevia is used as an alternative sweetener. commonly known as sweetleaf, sugar leaf or simply stevia.It is widely grown for its sweet leaves. As a sweetener and sugar substitute, stevia’s taste has a slower onset and longer duration than that of sugar.

Other spices, which have demonstrable benefits in stepping up your metabolism include, but are not limited to mustard, turmeric and ginger.

The Pros. The recipes in Metabolic Cooking are:

Simple to make with short instructions.
Don’t take much time to prepare.
Each recipe comes with calorie content and how many fats, protein, and carbs it contains.
There is no restriction for the list of foods you should include.
All foods are evaluated according to their caloric rate so that you can master your metabolism recipes wisely.

 _The Cons.

The only disadvantage of this book is  Pork :The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that more than 100 viruses come to the United States each year from China through pigs. So if you want more information about the subject go here

What are the Metabolic Cooking Cookbook Best features?

Deliciously made recipes so varied and rich in color, taste, and composition. These recipes just open your mind to new ideas of cooking.
Enjoy fried food and sweet foods naturally-
The recipes in Metabolic Cooking uses coconut oil which is considered much healthier than regular oil-
The dishes are sweetened with Stevia, a natural sweetener of higher advantages than regular sugar. So, your cravings for artificial sweeteners are reduced.
Master Simplicity – Earn more time and spend fewer hours in the kitchen.
This is a great book ..famous celebrities, like Oprah and Britney Spears are using it.
In this system you will learn exactly what to take for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks – and you’ll still have a ton of choices to do. If you follow these fat burning foods diet schemes , and certainly you will get the sexy and lean body you have long been waiting for.

What are others saying about  Metabolic Cooking?

Nicole:House wife.
Probably the best thing about this system- You don’t have to let go of your favorite dishes. You can eat whatever you want; you just have to follow the guidelines of the book while making it; which by the way, for me improved the taste even more!

to be honest, every single recipe I’ve made from Metabolic Cooking has tasted amazing,plus they are all so easy to make! I’m not a guy that’s easily impressed (especially by recipes) but I was literally blown away by what Dave & Karine have put together here!  Jamin Thompson: Athlete, Fitness Model, Author, Blogger, Fantasy Football World

I needed inspiration, both for myself but also to help my clients.
Yet, trying to find a cookbook that offered delicious tasting meals that were also healthy and designed for fat burning felt like mission impossible until I stumbled upon Metabolic Cooking. Kasper V. Christensen –

photo of author and CT emblemthe book will help you to understand the pitfalls of the majority of diet programs and how to avoid them.Metabolic cooking is more an adapted style of cuisine than a dietary program/
Jim Lovasz:Culinary arts.
Metabolic Cooking has been one of our favorite weight loss programs, with such a huge range of the tasty recipes whats not to like. Weight loss is hard enough and can be even harder when sticking to a boring diet. Metabolic Cooking makes dieting so much more fun and


In conclusion, these metabolic recipes give you an easy way of rapid weight loss with a variety of tastes of your choice..

Is Metabolic Cooking a trusted program?   

Ultimately the cookbook authors have been featured in numerous World Health Magazines.


Dave Ruel ,Author of Metabolic Cooking.

A final word  Dave and Karine‘s Metabolic Cookbook will get you the best of healthy dieting with the smartest proven solutions for quick fat loss .

 Start Losing Weight Now!

 No minimum term-Get a refund anytime



What you should know about the Paleo Diet

Paleo benefits from a journey in the past

Paleo benefits occur when we switch from modern eating  habits to the diet of our hunter-gatherer ancestors.The “contemporary” Paleolithic diet is centered on commonly available modern foods,excluding grains, legumes, dairy products, refined salt, refined sugar, and processed oils.It has been moderated by scientists to adapt to our modern lifestyle.

Yet,before the agricultural revolution,

hominid species were strong, muscular, agile,tall, athletic, and incredibly versatile.After  our diet has altered , the average “Homo Sapien” has become out of shape,overweight, depressed, sleep deprived and dying from various degenerative diseases like cardio-vascular diseases and high blood pressure…

Our so-called civilisation doesn’t actually allow the regular Miss Mary or the CEO Mr Smith to go hunting for a deer,or to catch the wild hare and roast it fresh.Nor does it permit to go for a walk to the woods between 10.00 am and  noon,leave the office and gather berries.However,if we want to enjoy long lasting Paleo benefits, we should go back eating how we’re biologically designed to eat.This  allows us to tap into our genetic potential and start living healthier immediately.  Dr. Loren Cordain, author of The Paleo Diet and generally aknowledged as one of the top global researchers in the area of evolutionary medecine states:”(to be specific the human genome has changed less than 0.02 percent in 40.000 years)“.Then we have great potentials to recover again if we eat food that is genetically concordant with our pure nature.

 Outstanding Paleo benefits for weight loss.

The sedentary lifestyle has effectively diluted the protein and fiber content of the human diet .People got obssessed with eating  too much cookies, crackers, potato chips, sandwich wraps,pasta and added sugars.These foods are calorie dense and don’t fill you up as they are low in proteins and fibers.Refined carbs from these foods cause blood sugar crash which often makes us hungry for sweets,they also  increase  insulin levels which prevent fat from being released, and tax our liver with excess calories  being  directly stored in the body as fats.Especially fructose, which  is  the primary source of :glycerol-3-phosphate that fixes fat  to tissue.On the contrary,as we tend to satisfy our genetic codes, we supplement with loads of vegetables, nuts, seeds, berries, fruits,healthy fat from grass fed meat, poultry, seafood,coconut or peanut butter.These foods have outstanding Paleo benefits for weight loss.Fruits and veggies are rich in dietary fibers that aid in energy intake control, and reduce the  risks of developping obesity. The role of dietary fiber in energy intake regulation and obesity development is related to its unique physical and chemical properties that  optimize the  satiety hormone”leptin” and the hunger hormone “ghrelin”. As a result ,a prolonged feeling of satiation is developped and our hunger evolves gradually without a crazy mood.The final outcome is weight loss .

Paleo benefits from healthy fats.

We can actually gain indefinite Paleo benefits from healthy monosaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat if  we pursue a good Paleo  diet menu,or by learning how to prepare delicious Paleo Smoothies with the help of experts.We will get rid of big amounts of trans fat and saturated from dairy, processed vegetable oils,fried foods and  fast food.Trans fats have been reported by medical health authorities to be of alarming health risks to the majority of  consumers.

An  increased risk of coronary heart disease that endangers consumer’s lives by raising levels of LDL  “bad” cholesterol and lowering levels of “good” HDL cholesterol.

Alzheimer’s Disease: A study published in Archives of Neurology in February 2003 suggested that the intake of both trans fats and saturated fats promote the development of Alzheimer disease.In another study released in the journal Neurology, scientists associated  fish-rich diets and foods with high levels of vitamins B, C, D, and E nutrients with increased cognitive performance and decreased risk of Alzheimer’s disease, or “brain shrinkage.”However,the Paleo diet presents a long list of these foods.

Cancer:  An increased intake of trans fatty acids may raise the risk of breast cancer by 75%, suggest the results from the French part of the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition.

Major depressive disorder: Spanish researchers analysed the diets of 12,059 people over six years and found those who ate the most trans fats had a 48 per cent higher risk of depression than those who did not eat trans fats.

Insulin resistance is lowered with the Paleo diet ,as it is higher in monounsaturated fats .

Reduced  inflammation, which is partially modulated by dietary fat ratios (Omega-3/6/9) with both omega 3 and 9 thought to be anti-inflammatory, and omega 6 pro-inflammatory .

And here is a quote by Dr Cordain:

Clinical trials have shown that the Paleo Diet is the optimum diet that can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, blood pressure, markers of inflammation, help with weight loss, reduce acne, promote optimum health and athletic performance

And the list of Paleo benefits still goes on:

  • Improved sleep.
  • Clearer skin and healthier looking hair.
  • Mental clarity.
  • Improved mood and attitude.
  • Improvements in those suffering depression or anxieties.
  • Less or no bloating, decreased gas.
  • Muscle growth, increased fitness.
  • Higher immune function and a general feeling of well being.
  • Improved lipid profiles.
  • Better absorption of nutrients from food.
  • Reduced allergies… and much more..

After knowing these great Paleo benefits,you will be amazed by this brand new cookbook!



Boost Your Metabolism with Coconut Flour Desserts.

Boost Your Metabolism with Coconut Flour Desserts.

Wouldn’t it be nice to crank up the dial on your metabolism?

Well,certainly you can! Certain foods raise your metabolism into high gear, helping you burn more calories and increase your enregy level.

The best known of these thermogenic (or fat burning) foods is protein. That’s the reason why high-protein diets promote weight loss (and why Low Gi Desserts packs our goodies with protein).

But there’s another food with similar calorie-torching power – and that’s coconut oilThis healthy tropical oil is filled with medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs). These unique fats are easily absorbed and rapidly burned as energy, helping to stoke your metabolism. What’s more, coconut fats help your body blaze through slower-burning long chain triglyerides (LCTs) as well.

Dr. Julian Whitaker notes that “LCTs are like heavy wet logs that you put on a small campfire. Keep adding the logs, and soon you have more logs than fire. MCTs are like rolled up newspaper soaked in gasoline. They not only burn brightly, but will burn up the wet logs as well.”

In a recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the thermogenic (fat burning) effect of a high-calorie diet containing 40 percent medium chain fatty acids was compared to one containing 40 percent long chain fatty acids. The researchers found that the thermogenic effect of the MCFAs were almost twice as high as the LCFAs. They were so astounded, they conducted a follow-up study and discovered that MCFAs given over a six-day period can increase diet-induced fat burning by 50 percent!

Enjoy a one-two metabolism punch of coconut with the great recipes in Guilt Free Desserts. Use high protein coconut flour, then just blend in organic extra virgin coconut oil and the remaining ingredients for a meltingly delicious metabolism booster.


  1. Baba, N. 1982. Enhanced thermogenesis and diminished deposition of fat in response to overfeeding with diet containing medium chain triglyceride. Am. J. Clin. Nutr. 35:678-82
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Lose Weight and Boost Memory with Almonds and Cocoa.

If you’re trying to get rid of that unbearable muffin top,or you want to just give a boost to your memory, don’t let this advice go to waste.Below are two of the best foods that will help you meet these goals.

New research shows that adding almonds to your diet may not only aid in your weight-loss efforts, but also reduce your body fat and cinch your midsection significantly.

The 24 week study, published in the International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders, included 65 adults who were either overweight or obese. Half of the participants in the study ate a low calorie diet plus three ounces of almonds per day… or a low calorie diet plus their choice of complex carbohydrates. Both groups consumed the same amount of calories and protein.

At the end of the study, the almond-eaters enjoyed a 62% greater reduction in weight, 50% greater reduction in waist circumference and 56% greater reduction in fat mass compared with the group consuming the complex carbohydrates.

Boost Your Memory with Healthy Chocolate Desserts!

A natural compound found in cocoa (as well as blueberries, tea and wine) may help to enhance your memory, according to newly published research.

“This finding […] identifies a single natural chemical with memory-enhancing effects, suggesting that it may be possible to optimize brain function by combining exercise and dietary supplementation,” says Mark Mattson, PhD, at the National Institute on Aging.

The compound, epicatechin, is from a group of compounds known as flavonols. It has been shown previously to improve cardiovascular function and increase blood flow in the brain.

The findings, published in The Journal of Neuroscience, suggest that a diet rich in flavonols may help reduce the incidence and severity of neurodegenerative disease and cognitive disorders related to aging.

In the study, researchers compared mice fed a typical diet with those fed a diet supplemented with epicatechin. The mice with the supplemental diet had greater blood vessel growth in the part of the brain responsible for memory and learning and developed more mature nerve cells. This suggests an enhanced ability of these cells to communicate.

After further analysis, the researchers found that epicatechin had a beneficial effect on the expression of genes important for learning and memory, and decreased the activity of genes playing a role in inflammation and neurodegeneration.

Organic cocoa is one of the world’s richest sources of flavonols. In fact, naturally processed cocoa is so rich in these compounds that it has an antioxidant value 12 times higher than blueberries! Try Guilt Free Desserts for rich and delicious chocolate desserts like:

  • Chocolate Rum Balls.
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge.
  • Flourless Sunbutter Brownies.
  • Chocolate Coconut Truffles.
  • Espresso Chocolate Mousse.
  • Chocolate Fondue with Fresh Berries.
  • Grand Marnier Soufflés.
  • Flourless Chocolate Cake.
  • Pavlova with Chambord Cream & Fresh Berries.
  • Pumpkin Bourbon.
  • Cheesecake.
  • and many more!

To target your tummy and boost your memory, trade in your gluten free, sugar free,Low Gi Desserts !


  1. Journal of Neuroscience (Society for Neuroscience), May 30 2007, Volume 27, Issue 22. “Plant-Derived Flavanol Epicatechin Enhances Angiogenesis and Retention of Spatial Memory in Mice” Authors: H van Praag, MJ Lucero, GW Yeo, K Stecker, N Heivand, C Zhao, E Yip, M Afanador, H Schroeter, J Hammerstone, and FH Gage.
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High fiber desserts

High fiber desserts reduce inflammation

Want to know the secret to stopping inflammation? It’s simple, eating high fiber desserts on a daily basis,or taking a sufficient quantity of dietary fiber everyday will not only reduce your inflammation,but also keep you full and reduce your cravings for sugar effectively. While experts recommend that we get 25-30 grams daily, most of us barely meet the halfway mark.

How can Dietary Fiber Help Me?


Dietary fiber is that  “miracle” substance that is proven to foster weight loss, improve gastrointestinal health, protect your heart, and even guard against cancer.

Food manufacturers and diet gurus are boasting about it in their products, TV commercials exposing taut tummies urge you to get more by whirling it into juice or water, and a recent book suggests that 35 grams a day is the key to losing weight and staying healthy for life.

Although devoid of calories, this “non-nutritional vital nutrient”, is anything but lacking when it comes to your health. And new research shows yet another way that roughage (as Mom calls it) can help prevent inflammation – one of the major causes of chronic disease.

A recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition examined the relationship between fiber and C-reactive protein (CRP). CRP is the best clinical marker for inflammation in your body. And it is a powerful predictor of future heart disease and diabetes. The study evaluated the body composition, CRP levels, diet and physical activity of 524 people and found that CRP levels were inversely associated with the total fiber in the diet.

The message is clear. Fiber up to keep inflammation down.  For maximum benefits, you should eat a variety of plant-based foods that provide both soluble and insoluble fiber. Here are some of the wholesome, fiber-full ingredients you’ll find in Guilt Free Desserts:



  1. Ma Y, Griffith JA, Chasan-Taber L, Olendzki BC, Jackson E, Stanek EJ 3rd, Li W, Pagoto SL, Hafner AR, Ockene IS. Association between dietary fiber and serum C-reactive protein.Am J Clin Nutr. 2006 Apr;83(4):760-6

Guilt Free Desserts Review

This Guilt Free Desserts Review comes to reveal the truth about Kelly Herring‘s Guilt Free Desserts and uncover its Pros and Cons.

So,what if  you are still struggling with sugar addiction?
Or, just can’t eat something sweetened without the fear of its spiking your blood sugar?
Even worse,what if you are still unable to resist those charmingly packed desserts ,and rush to buy them without thinking?
Would you play the smart one in such cases and learn to make your favorite desserts at home? A clever choice indeed!BUT..
Are you aware of the so called Low Glycemic Desserts Scams?
Most of those in the health food store use natural, organic ingredients, but they still use SUGAR in one form or another. Then there are the so-called “diet” desserts and “sugar-free” mixes. While these desserts bag the sugar, the CHEMICAL sweeteners they replace it with taste awful… and they are even WORSE for your health!
Now it’s time to try something better.
Kelly Herring’s Gulit Free Desserts.
This great ebook will show you how to make delicious desserts made with ALL-NATURAL, low-glycemic sweeteners. Better yet, most are gluten free too!
Before getting into this in-depth Guilt Free Desserts Review,let’s see who is the person behind this cookbook.

Kelly Herring

Kelley Herring is the kind of nutritionists whose mission is to help people achieve healthier and happier lives.Motivated by her natural skills in scientific research,she had to win over her health condition that went misdiagnosed for two years.Kelly learned that her sickness was caused by yeast infection, sugars, and other preservatives in her diet,she came to realize how a diet can perfectly break or build a person.And she has dedicated her life afterward to writing about nutrition and healthy cooking as her best passions.Now,Kelly is the CEO, and editor-in-chief of Healing Gourmet website. She has written a number of resources on healthy eating including Your Plate,Your Fate,Diabetic Meal Plans and her masterpiece Guilt Free Desserts. Aside from these, she authored Healing Gourmet and Eat to Beat Diabetes that was published by McGraw-Hill back in 2005. From her experience,Kelley has gathered ways to improve her health using the power of the plate and simple changes in her lifestyle. She targeted mainly nutritional biochemistry, and learned how food compounds can help improve health and fight diseases.Kelley professionally leads a team of dieticians,doctors and chefs to create tools and resources on proper eating and nutrition.

Introducing you to the complete guide of Low Gi Desserts: Guilt Free Desserts.Guilt Free Desserts Review
From flourless chocolate cake and lemon ricotta soufflés to cheesecake, truffles, and crème brulee, Guilt-Free Desserts has a recipe to please nearly any palate.Not only will you enjoy 50 amazingly sweet desserts like Pumpkin Bourbon Cheesecake with Walnut Crust, Grand Marnier Soufflés, Coconut Macaroons and more, but you’ll also learn how to use the best low-glycemic sweeteners available today!
You’ll also enjoy SUPER FREE bonuses –Healthy Holiday Hors d’Oeuvres – featuring 15 low-glycemic appetizers (like Crab Stuffed Mushrooms, Roasted Beet, Orange & Goat Cheese Stacks with Hazelnuts, Stuffed Grape Leaves and Baked Coconut Shrimp) plus 5 “lesser-evil” cocktails perfect for your holiday gatherings.
But that’s not all! You’ll also get - Better Breads – featuring a dozen easy and delicious gluten free, low glycemic breads, biscuits, crusts and crepes.
What health benefits will I get from the Low Gi Desserts cookbook by Kelly Herring?
Well,actually there are so many health benefits you can draw from the cookbook by preparing Gluten-free,Dairy-free and Low glycemic desserts.The most prominent one is that you will Boost your metabolism with coconut flour desserts. Another asset is that High fiber desserts will reduce your inflammation instantly.And you can definitely Lose weight and boost memory with almonds and cocoa.And much much more!
Boost Digestive Health with Gluten Free, Sugar Free Coconut Desserts!
review of guilt free desserts by kelly herrings
If you’re like 95 million Americans, digestive health is concern for you. And it should be. An estimated 70% of the cells of your immune system are in your digestive tract.
One of the most important things you can do for your digestive system (and therefore your immune system!) is to feed it the right fuel. By doing this, you create an environment where beneficial bacteria can thrive… and harmful bacteria die off.
And here’s where coconut can help…
  • Coconut flour contains the highest amount of fiber of any flour. And fiber is absolutely critical for a healthy GI tract. The good bacteria need a substrate to live on. And fiber makes these friendly flora flourish.
  • Coconut flour and coconut oil also provide medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs). These unique fatty acids (which include lauric acid) kill a myriad of bacteria, protozoa and fungus, including Candida albicans – the fungus responsible for yeast infections.
While coconut is potent and stealthy, it is also selective. It only kills the bad bacteria, and leaves the friendly intestinal bacteria your body needs for a healthy digestive tract.
To get the greatest digestive benefits from Guilt Free Desserts, we recommend you use organic extra virgin coconut oil as your oil of choice.
Get Antioxidant Protection From Chocolate Desserts!
delicious guilt free cupcakes
You’ve likely heard how important antioxidants are for your health. These cellular protectors guard against oxidative damage caused by free radicals that contribute to aging, heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.
And the best measure of a food’s antioxidant power is called the oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC). Foods with a higher ORAC score have a greater ability to protect against disease and slow the aging process.
Researchers at the USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory measured the ORAC of various foods. Raw broccoli, for example, has an ORAC score of 1,362. That’s pretty good, but not nearly as high as blueberries. With a score of 6,552, blueberries rank near the top of all fruits and vegetables.
But even blueberries can’t hold a candle to cocoa. With an ORAC score of 80,933 the antioxidant power of raw cocoa powder is simply off the charts!
What are other benefits for me and my family?
Well,Guilt Free Desserts is a genuine resource of information on diet desserts,low fat recipes,healthy baking, fat free desserts.Besides,you’ll learn how to reduce the calories in your healthy desserts and how to use natural sweeteners as functional ingredients to gently reduce your cravings for artificial sugary.The easy low gi desserts recipes would also be an exalting tool for innovating your own low fat, guilt free dessert recipes.And one final word, the guilt free desserts are a great way to prepare healthy snacks for your kids.
Here are some of the low gi desserts recipes you’ll find in Guilt Free Desserts:
Pumpkin Bourbon Cheesecake with Walnut Crust.
Grand Marnier Soufflés.
German Chocolate Frosting.
Coconut Macaroons.
Pumpkin Pie with Pecan Crust.
Decadent Dark Chocolate Pudding.
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.
Coconut Crème Brulèe
Yummy Chocolate Chip Cookies.
What is down and up with Guilt free desserts?
 Well,it goes without doubt that nothing is perfect.Here are a couple of downsides you may want to know about the product:
  • While there is a lot of great information in Guilt Free Desserts, at first glance it can seem a little overwhelming
  • A bit expensive,but investing in your health is really costless.
  • Kelley suggests several alternative ingredients and also where to buy them.
  • Nutritional information provided for each recipe, which is great!
  • Can be prepared in 30 minutes or less.
  • The product comes with a strong 60 day money back guaranteed by Clickbank!
A final word in this  Guilt free desserts review:
If you have been searching for information about how to change your bakery to a more nutritional one,you have come to the right place,don’t waste your time and
guilt free desserts review